Die Britin Aluna, die normalerweise gemeinsam mit George Reid als AlunaGeorge unterwegs ist, veröffentlichte mit Body Pump ihre erste Single als Solo Künstlerin.

Mit der Veröffentlichung, die über das Label Mad Decent von Diplo läuft, kündigt die Sängerin auch die Arbeit an einem eigenen Album an.

Aluna selbst sagt über die Arbeiten an ihrer eigenen Musik:

Having enjoyed being the main ingredient to many successful dance records, I started wanting to create the whole dish. In the past when performing on the stages of my white male peers, I always felt like a visitor being one of the few Black women I could see, so it never fully occurred to me to claim dance music as my music, as an artist, even though it was at the heart of my connection to music. Then I looked at the history of dance music and saw how, for example, Chicago House, known as the invention of house music, was pioneered in the Black and Latino LGTBQ+ communities which gave me inspiration to stake my flag in the ground as a Black woman in dance music by taking control of production and songwriting with my own vibe.
As soon as I started writing this album, I got knocked up. There was definitely a moment where I thought I had to give it all up, but as I started writing, the baby became a spirit animal and the idea of holding down a music career as a Mum, became a new motivation. I love finding my own ways to go against the status quo and this was clearly going to be a challenge. If it wasn’t enough to be a Black women doing dance music, I’ll be doing it as a new Mum too!

Der Song Body Pump macht definitiv Lust auf mehr.

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