Friska Viljor


Gestern erschien das neue Album der Schweden Friska ViljorMy name is Friska Viljor.

Wir werden uns auf jeden Fall im Plattenladen unseres Vertrauen das Album besorgen – schon allein wegen des rührenden Textes, den die Herren bei Facebook an ihr Publikum richten. Ihr wisst also was zu tun ist!


Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing great! 

We know we’ve been nagging you a lot about this. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.

So, today is the day!!! We’re releasing our album “My name is Friska Viljor”. We SO happy to finally be able to share it with you.

If we could ask for a little favour: If you plan to buy the album we humbly ask you to do so this week. Friska Viljor is a DIY band in every sense, and going up against the big labels is quite hard. Getting through the buzz and catching peoples attention is really tough, and being such a small player as us makes it even harder. You are our muscle in our fight against the big boys. If we manage to concentrate our sales to one week we’ll have a better chance reaching out.

That’s all. Now make sure to have a nice and relaxing weekend!

Love! /d&j

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