Mando Diao


Nachdem es in den letzten Monaten ruhig um die Schweden geworden ist, kündigen Sie nun auf Facebook ein neues Album mit dem Namen “Aelita”an.

“It’s been a little more than a year since we released “Infruset”. It’s been a turbulent year in many ways. None of us could have imagined how big this record would come to be in Sweden. It has been amazing and exciting, but now we’re moving on from “Infruset”.

During the last year we’ve had many questions about a new album in English. I guess many of you already know that it’s on its way. Our days are filled with working with “Aelita” and it wont be long now..

Are you curious?

Do you want to follow our work in progress?

Follow our everyday work on instagram.”




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