Florence + The Machine haben mit Light of Love einen neuen Song geteilt und wollen die Einnahmen daraus an die UK Intensive Care spenden. 

Der Song stammt aus der High as Hope Ära im Jahr 2018 und soll nun helfen.

Auf ihren Social Media Accounts teilen Florence + The Machine folgendes Statement zu Light of Love:

‘Light of Love’ is an unreleased song from High as Hope, it never made it to the record, but I thought I would release it at midnight tonight, as a little token of my love. And to raise awareness for the Intensive Care Society, (Link in bio) which provides care and support for the incredible doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals on the front line of this crisis. I will be donating all of my income from this song to the Intensive Care Society. I love and miss you all so much. With you in spirit from South London lockdown

Florence + The Machine

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