Ben Howard hat mit dem Song Crowhurst’s Meme einen weiteren Song aus seinem am 26. März 2021 über Island Records erscheinenden Album Collections From The Whiteout geteilt.

Erst vorige Woche kündigte Ben Howard sein inzwischen viertes Studioalbum mit der ersten Single What A Day an. 

Über den Song Crowhurst’s Meme sagt Ben Howard:

This song was firstly inspired by a wonky synth guitar part that I had which had a kind of seasick quality to it, which in my head had a tenuous link to the Donald Crowhurst story – the famous tale of the amateur British sailor who died whilst sailing around the world. These two things seemed to marry and so it became a sort of exploration of the undocumented universal side of the story.

Bestellt euch das neue Album von Ben Howard hier.

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Ben Howard teilt weitere neue Single "Crowhurst's Meme"
Ben Howard teilt weitere neue Single "Crowhurst's Meme"